This blog is meant to contain most of my vlogs, and is being launched on the 16th of July, 2023, a couple of months before I hit my 75th birthday. Why so late as this ? Just b’coz I could free myself enough to launch my big travel escapades now, even though I had retired about a decade ago. Our destinations

Of the very many rich and colorful places in India, Rajasthan, Himachal, Kashmir, Goa and Kerala have enchanted me a great deal. Kerala in fact is the major center of attraction for me as I launch this blog. My first-ever visit to Kerala was a weeklong affair way back in 2004. And, now, about 19 years later, I intend returning to this enchanted land for a 45-day long itinerary – quite simply the longest travel vacation of my life yet. This journey is scheduled for August-September period in 2023.

I have some other west coast travel planned out too later this year. In November I spend about a fortnight in coastal Karnataka, and in December-January, another 45-day sojourn, this time in Goa – mostly to escape the harsh and polluted winter season in Delhi-NCR, the place where I reside.

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